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Friday, April 8, 2011

What would I have done without her?

My mother-in-law was always a little overbearing, pushy even. I always complained to my husband about her. She would come to my house and do my laundry and say “You know if you would do a couple loads a day it wouldn't pile up on you”. That would send me over the edge most times. But, I never wanted her to leave, I was always happy to see her and glad that she was there. I enjoyed hearing some of her stories about where she worked (Neonatal ICU nurse for 20 years) and appreciated the advice she would give me, especially when I became a new mother.

When Geoff finally asked me to marry him, she was so happy for us. She was always very helpful with the wedding plans and gave advice. She helped me find someone to do the flowers and she went with me to help pick out the wedding dress. Now keep in mind, after seeing all that she has done, I lost my mom to cancer several years before my wedding AND that she never had a daughter to do all this stuff with. So, even though I didn't have my own mother to do those things with, I had Judy.

The day that we told her we were expecting our first child her face was glowing more than mine! Then she said “well I'll see if Dr. Sanderson will follow your pregnancy, and I'll talk to Dr. Paras about taking care of the baby”. Yet again, she became the mother that I longed to share all these exciting times with. She took care of everything. From helping paint the baby's room to putting the goop in my new baby boys eyes and signing his paperwork, she was there. Then along came my baby girl and yet again, she was so helpful and always doing things to make this an easier time for me...and Geoff.

For years Geoff and I tried to get her to come camping with us, but to no avail. She would say “when I was a Girl Guide we had to sleep in tents with no floors and cook alphaghetti from the can. I'd rather sleep in a bed at a hotel and be comfortable.” Just last year while we were camping at Great Bear campground, she made an effort to come camping, sort of. She spent the day with us, swimming & having a BBQ, but I couldn't convince her to spend the night. I was very proud of her for doing that much.

Oh how she loved Christmas, she had so many decorations that she could have decorated six houses. It didn't end at Christmas either, she would decorate for every occasion. And cook for them too. I loved her pineapple whip and carrot cake (which was banned from her place of work because it brought hectic days with it). I remember her making the candy for her candy apples at Halloween. They were so tasty.

Before she left this world, I promised her that I would take care of Geoff and the kids for her. Those are some big shoes to fill now. I just hope that I can do as good a job as she did.

I will sign off now because my tears are blurring my vision.