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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am a working mother now

So much has taken place since my last post.  Where should I begin?  Hmm..Okay I know where to start.

So my last post was about egg poaching, in July!  Since July have finished with the babysitting thing, only because it just wasn't paying the bills.  I would've babysat forever if I thought I wouldn't go bankrupt.  Anyway, we've done lots of camping this past summer, I finished babysitting in September, started a new job in the begining of October and sent my kids to a babysitter.

So, this job of mine. I am a Classified Ads Sales/Obituary Specialist with Brunswick News.  I have really been enjoying my new job.  It is, for sure, a challenge.  I'm not so happy with the hours, but I have to start somewhere.  I mean it takes time to work my way up to president of the company.  I think the biggest challenge, since getting this job, hasn't been for me, it's been for Geoff.  I have to work till 7pm each night which means Geoff has to take the kids to all their activities.  My poor kids, some nights, are getting a slice of bread and butter for supper.  However, they are doing okay.  It has been a huge adjustment for everyone. 

I will keep up the blogging about the whole "working mother" thing.  I personally don't like sending my kids to a sitter and going out to work.  I feel my place is at home with them.  Doing homework, making homemade treats, making sure there is a decent meal on the table before scurrying off to evening activities.  I will update you on my continued struggle. 

Have an awsome and blessed day!